What is Music Matters?

The Music Matters campaign aims to unite the entire music community and get people thinking about the significance of the music they listen to and how it affects each and every one of us.

It’s easy to forget, that if we want our favourite songwriters and artists to continue making the music we love then they need our support.

Once a songwriter or composer has written a song there can be a long process before we can listen to the finished song. This process involves not only the skills and talents of the artists themselves, but their music producers, engineers, instrument technicians etc – without the expertise of these people, it would be hard to realise an artist’s vision.

The Music Matters campaign shines a light on all of these people and hopes to remind everyone who loves music to support them by accessing music from licensed sites.

What can you do?

1. Look out for the Music Matters Trustmark wherever you are streaming or downloading music

2. Spread the word – Help us build a strong movement supporting music creators everywhere, by inviting everyone you know to join the campaign.

To find out more about legitimate download and streaming services in Ireland visit: http://www.pro-music.org/legal-music-services-europe.php

For more information contact: musicmatters@imro.ie